Public address systems can be commonly seen everywhere. In most of the places, they’re indispensable. These appliances which take up a lot of space and seems too complicated to use; are actually not that complex at all. Let’s talk about Public Address (PA) system in details.

What are Public Address Systems?

In simple words, PA systems are used for transmitting messages to a group of people. The three main functions of these systems are:

• Accept the sound input coming from a source.

• Amplify the sound up to the desired level.

• Carry and distribute the amplified sound to the audience.

Public address systems are also known as a paging system, are capable of taking a low input of sound and amplify it accordingly, so that it can be spread over a large area/audience.


The sound can be distributed within the same area where the speaker is, or it can carry the sound electrically over some distance, and then transmit it to the audience. In some cases, the sound is taken from the source, amplified, and then carried forward to the multiple areas at once.

In some of the modern systems, there is an arrangement where the audience can speak back into the system; in that case, their messages are carried over to the original speaker. These kinds of to-and-fro public speakers are generally used when the source of the sound is far away and physically cannot see the audience to which it is passing on the message.

Components of the PA System

The three elements which primarily make up the public address system are:

• Mixer

• Amplifier

• Speaker

Common Uses

Paging systems can be used anywhere. At any place where there’s a requirement of transmitting sound to a large number of people, or to a wide area, these systems can be used. The most common places where you can surely find a PA system are:

Educational Institutions

These systems are used for making special announcements into the classrooms. Here, a speaker is placed in each classroom, and the source is some other designated room within the institution. A very low voltage is required to operate this PA system. A similar arrangement can be found in offices as well.


Railway Stations

They’re widely used for making announcements to large groups of travelers at railways stations or similar places. These speakers are very powerful, and they’re capable of carrying the sound over the accumulated noises of thousands of people.



Concerts can’t work without a good capacity PA system. The system used here is the most sophisticated types because the success of the show depends on the quality of sound which is carried over to the audience.


Apart from this, PA or Paging systems are used at hundreds of other places as well.